The Glory of Obscurity

Many of us work tirelessly to leave our mark on human history, driven by the awareness of our fleeting mortality….

Love Repents

Some who argue against the necessity of repentance for forgiveness craft their arguments with a peculiar certainty. They would have…

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Ignorance will not increase the humility or spirituality of any professed follower of Christ. The truths of the divine word can be best appreciated by an intellectual Christian. Christ can be best glorified by those who serve Him intelligently.

3T 160.1

If every moment were valued and rightly employed, we should have time for everything that we need to do for ourselves or for the world.

MH 208.1

Perfection through our own good works we can never attain. The soul who sees Jesus by faith, repudiates his own righteousness. He sees himself as incomplete, his repentance insufficient, his strongest faith but feebleness, his most costly sacrifice as meager, and he sinks in humility at the foot of the cross. But a voice speaks to him from the oracles of God’s Word. In amazement he hears the message, “Ye are complete in Him.” Now all is at rest in his soul. No longer must he strive to find some worthiness in himself, some meritorious deed by which to gain the favor of God.

FW 107.4