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The Power of Grace

THERE is power in grace as certainly as there is power in sin. And there is “much more” power in grace than there is in sin. For “where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” We have found that there…

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How to Read Faster and Retain More

Let’s face it, most new year’s resolutions go before they come because they’re often not all that achievable. In fact, you’re probably thinking right now that reading more than 2–3 books is equally unachievable! It doesn’t have to be that…

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Vaccination, Mandates, and Freedom

Crossposted from AdventistWorld and AdventistReview Logic, Contradictions, and Paradoxes There are three laws upon which rational thought is based: These laws are based on our understanding of how reality functions. If we compromise any of these three laws, we give…

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